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We have a wide range of things incorporating male connectors, tube unions, tube tees, elbows. stainless steel union and valves that we offer to our customers at reasonable costs. We study the needs of the business to transmit elements that meet all the prerequisites and become solid answers for something very similar. We have provided exceptional articles to organizations serving a variety of verticals. We pay great attention to detail regarding our range of items. Our items offer uncommon dimensional accuracy, solid development, striking finish, constriction of consumption, and strength. Our items are known for their unwavering quality and robustness.

Our quality customer support has earned the trust of an immense customer base that we have served for quite some time. Usually we plan to go the extra mile for our customers to satisfy all the prerequisites for their items.

stainless steel union
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SS Tube to Union Fittings, which has great resistance to scoring roll down to temperatures below 40 degrees F. We also offer something very similar in various evaluations such as stainless steel tube for union fittings, stainless steel tube for union fittings. union, stainless steel tube to union fittings, tube to stainless steel union fittings, tube to stainless steel union fittings, tube to stainless steel union fittings, tube to stainless steel union fittings, tube fittings to stainless steel union, tube fittings to stainless steel union, and that’s just the beginning.

The rare earth metals in stainless steel tube fittings improve the fixation and flexibility of oxide scale, considerably under cyclical conditions. The plane strength of stainless steel compression fittings is fundamentally higher, often allowing for lighter splitter development. 

stainless steel union

We provide solutions to customers can trust for any customization of steel products.

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the prestigious producers of DIN Joints, which is intended to be deeper for a greater number of press rings for successful fixation of the fluid being siphoned. Hardened steel DIN unions are accommodated by pressing the seat and cover oil, where mechanical seals are often installed on demand. The stainless steel union fittings offered are often accessible to us in various metal decisions, even if they fit as a fiddle alternative, such as round pipe, square line, strung line, etc. Our organization has won awards for offer buyers 316 DIN stainless steel joints, which is manufactured entirely using high grade raw material with the help of the latest innovation in an exceptional assembly unit.

These stainless steel union fittings provide unmatched strength and chloride stress erosion breakage resistance for arrangement hardened steels. The use of manganese ensures that it takes over the balance of the ferrite-austenite stage in the stainless steel ferrule fittings while allowing a decrease in the nickel content. With the expansion of rare ground components, stainless steel double ferrule fittings perform well in temperatures up to 2000 degrees F (1093 degrees C), like other compounds. These stainless steel union fittings compression tube fittings can be heat resistant poor austenitic amalgam with high strength and exceptional oxidation plugging.

Hardened 304L Steel DIN Joints feature highlights such as Spacious, Accurate Measurements, Excellent Finish, Corrosion Proof, High Strength, Dimensional Accuracy, Stable Performance, Long Service Life, Easy to Use, Corrosion Opposition, Dimensional Accuracy, Finish fine, Durable, Robust flats, Rust-proof, and therefore the sky is the limit from there. We are the essential trader, exporter and supplier of the pristine nature of 316L Stainless Steel DIN Joints that are ready for established market guidelines by utilizing the simplest grade steel and other required unified materials combined with the latest innovation.

Hardened steel pressure associations for partial cylinders are used with the vast majority of uncontaminated Air Engineering instrumentation. Cylinder-to-tube associations are designed for higher pressure factor applications during destructive weather. For custom sizes, contact an agent today. We stock a variety of pressure association sizes and for the most part they are delivered the same day.

These tapering associations join 1/16 “OD to 1/8” OD tubes. its precision was machined with an emphasis on concentricity.

The Association Tee fittings connect three containers of identical width for the appropriation of air, with two cylinders in line and one at a precise point. Designed for use with air, water or oil in relentless applications, the hardened steel pressure-to-associate pneumatic tee fittings are accessible in inch and metric sizes and can be used with a variety of pipe materials.

Hardened steel pneumatic push interface fittings are made with 316 hardened steel bodies and 303 treated steel collet with Viton inner O-ring. The threaded parts are 316 treated steel. The hard development of the accessories takes into account use in heat applications and therefore the accessories perform well in relentless duty or washdown applications.

offering the highest quality butt joint fittings in accordance with ASTM / ASME standards. These are generally used for various modern applications. These line associations are being created in various metals and amalgams such as chrome steel, copper, brass, nickel based alloy, Monel and Hastelloy and then precisely shaped using the latest innovative equipment.

These line associations are a useful apparatus in pipeline and are used to interconnect two lines of miscellaneous materials. These are deeply among our clients due to their different attributions such as quality, reliability, consistency and solidity going forward. The customer can benefit from these things with us by driving business costs.

stainless steel union fittings to help you accurately figure out the type of fitting within the size you want. Examine a variety of associations including chords, joint welds, butt welds, and other types of associations. Accessory options incorporate connectors, bushings, couplings, spines, areoles, sockets, tees, elbows and more in a wide range of sizes. Get unprecedented provision on rust-proof hardened steel pipe fittings and consumables at Grainger.

As stainless steel is steel that provides a couple of diverse quiet highlights, similar highlights are achieved in these SS pipe fittings including phenomenal consumption clog, high heat opposition, high elasticity, unmatched surface finish, excellent properties mechanical and adequate cost.

We offer a good range of Union 3000 # connections in ferrous and non-ferrous metals and composites, which are used for fluctuating design, mechanical, synthetic and development applications. The association pipe fittings and steel association fittings offered are of various types, to suit a variety of applications.


We are one of the leading manufacturers of optimum quality Pipes & Pipe Fittings. Their high tensile strength, seamless finish and resistance to corrosion, make these pipes highly demanded.

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