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Line reducers, a kind of line accessory that joins a minimum of two lines, are produced and received by Ace Alloys LLP. stainless steel reducer are delicate and flexible and in any case when quickly cooled. Our reducers have high resistance and resistance to consumption. The expanded thickness of the divider provides greater strength and is a smaller amount prone to breaking due to warm pressure for gas temperatures.

The size ranges from ½ “to 36” +. Additionally, the highest notch reducers arrive at a variety of schedules ranging from S / 5 to S / 80. We ship a line of 304 / 304L, 316/316 L butt weld reducers that meet established guidelines. Reducers also conforming to ASTM B 16.9 are safe to consume and exceptionally strong.

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ANSI B 16.28 butt weld erratic reducers are also called ‘ringing reducers’. They need two inner chains of various sizes with such planned approaches that once they are joined the 2 are not aligned, in any case they are usually inserted. This is often to provide ideal road seepage control.

SS pipe reducers are often used to regulate age, drug, paper, and other scale companies of all shapes and sizes. Line reducers generally provide the simplest association adaptability when interconnecting partial cylinders in a variety of locations.

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We provide solutions to customers can trust for any customization of steel products.

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We ship a full line of 304 and 316 treated steel butt weld reducers, including concentric reducers and unusual butt weld reducers that meet stringent confirmations for structures in this line. Our stainless steel reducer have high resistance and erosion clogging to be used in various companies. Our excellent reducers come in a variety of sizes and schedules from S / 5 to S / 80.

The stainless steel reducer can be a kind of line fittings used in metering pipeline that reduces the size of the road from a huge diameter to a smaller diameter internal width. The length of the taper is usually like the tradition of the largest and smallest line widths. There are two main types of reducers.

stainless steel reducer, as the name suggests, taper towards the center, thus framing a tapered chamber. A concentric reducer is often used in-line in an up flow application, or whenever it is placed evenly, such as a magnifier. We do not suggest decreasing within the level as pooling can occur. In these cases, an erratic reducer, which is leveled on one side, is correct. Concentric reducers have a lower chance of generating boost than an end cap reducer.

Our organization is committed to offering the stainless steel reducer which tracks a monstrous application to reduce the dimensions of the lines. Introduced in various evaluations, details and sizes, these consumer safe reducers are highly sought after. The proposed assortment is checked for its impeccability, before leaving our renowned customers.

The objective of AS 1528.3 has been to standardize sterile cylinder accessories for use in the manufacture of dairy products and other food and beverages, which successfully maintains the required food handling principles, which are also quickly accessible at a practical cost. moderate. The rules have been made effective on these points. it is also the solitary dimensionally coordinated arrangement of cylinders and mounting guides on the ground.

AS1528.1 is by far the safest alternative … and therefore the smartest from a financial point of view. is explicitly aimed at food industry applications, determining the important highlights to ensure high reliability lines for clean applications without requiring significant expenditure on additional mechanical testing. The group recognition seal, considered essential to approve many food and drug plants, is mandatory. Another key advantage is the presence of coordination with determinations for a related cylinder.

We produce our stainless steel reducer in various grades, sizes, measurements and assortments according to the prerequisites of our customers. SS Reducer has a more prominent use within the pipeline and plumbing industry, for hooking lines and filling as accessories even on lines of inconsistent sizes. These SS reducers are delicate and malleable; We manufacture high resistance, high consumption and oxidation safe reducers. The thickness we make helps to give the article solidity and eliminates breakage and consumption at high temperatures.

SS reducers are used in many mechanical areas, such as strength, drugs, and more. Our stainless steel reducer generally provide association adaptability within the use of reducers. We produce items of phenomenal quality and we have nothing bad to mention about our items. Kalikund Steel and Engg. Co. has an appeal within the Indian business sectors and around the world for its quality items and competence.

We have a gang of very capable experts who manage things to stay away from mistakes. We test our SS reducers at every stage of assembly, and exceptional consideration is given to packing things and transporting them. We continue with our records of ideal means of transport and we specialize in the interest of the client. We are offering these stainless steel reducers within the required sum for our recognized buyers. Kalikund Steel and Engg. Co. is meeting our customers’ needs by providing dimensionally accurate reducers with every valuable component.

A stainless steel reducer can be a type of accessory used to decrease the size of the pipeline. The concentric reducer is used more frequently and the whimsical reducer is regularly used in the pipeline in approximately the region of the siphon and the line frame.

Line reducers are tube fittings that are generally used by various companies to provide the most remarkable association adaptability in the interconnection of fragmentary cylinders in various establishments.

A concentric reducer maybe a round reducer where the center line is still an equivalent, like a buzzer. Therefore, as long as you are channeling and want the center to remain stable, a concentric is the right decision. the opposite type is called eccentric.

Hardened steel fittings for opposition to rough erosion in semiconductor handling and incredible repeatability in high vacuum applications. In addition, careful internal control of elastomer determinations ensures that the basic fastener materials convey the low outgassing performance on which your vacuum build performance is based.
The B16.9 stainless steel reducer produced by the dominant metal is used in various enterprises such as papermaking, petroleum, composites, shipbuilding, gas gasoline, power era, heating and metallurgy. Concentric types are a smaller quantity, difficult and less expensive to offer, not much empowering anyway. We are powering ANSI B16.9 SS reducer manufacturers in India in various shapes, sizes, grades and specifications


We are one of the leading manufacturers of optimum quality Pipes & Pipe Fittings. Their high tensile strength, seamless finish and resistance to corrosion, make these pipes highly demanded.

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