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A stainless steel compression needle valve is a type of valve developed with a small port and. a needle threaded plunger. The needle valve gets its title from the molded needle plunger. An advantage of the half-inch stainless steel needle valve is that. it can provide a specific flow principle.

However, the 1/4 stainless steel needle valve is simply in position for fairly low flow speeds. The movement can be managed and managed by the needle valve Ss-1rs4 with the use of a shaft.

Most needle valve manufacturers explicitly warn that. the SS316 needle valve was used. in food and snack, handling does not easily feed through the artificial compounds in food. It is difficult to determine if the hydraulic needle valve is stopped or open. classified as ball valves.

We offer a hydraulic needle valve with a non-pivot adjustment. allows self-focusing of the bore shaft. Hardened steel needle valves are generally used for closed lines. instrumentation handling and for pressure management especially in series. Our three-way needle valve is used to manipulate the urgency factor. current, temperature, and fluid levels by using a definite or incomplete gap. or valve closure due to symptoms acquired by the regulator.

The threaded needle valve can handle urgent items up to 4000 to 5000 psi (275 to 413 bar) at 100 ° F (38 ° C). Affordable Bulk loading of steel, carbon steel. metal and composites at ten thousand, needle valve manufacturers. We excel Metal and Engg. The companies have an in-house assembly unit. modernized the place that produces adjustable devices. that are fully tested and one hundred percent strong.

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Stainless Steel Needle Valve Manufacture in India

The hardened steel integral bonnet. the needle valve is possibly the most knowledgeable valve used. in contemporary grade applications. Suraj Metal Corporation is a leading manufacturer. and issuer of various types of valves. for example, the SS 304 needle valve. The needle valve works with a needle that closes the line with precision and. the greatest comfort. Grade 304 needle valves are sturdy and erosion protected. but the SS316 needle valve is safe for additional consumption.

CF8 stainless steel flanged needle valves can work in different sizes. Membership termination can range from 1/8 of a trace to ½ inch. Smoking cessation associations for various types. such as the ASTM A351 CF8M 316 1/4-inch needle control valve, which can function as duolok, unlock, grip lock, tube. and trust types. As a major supplier, we offer a variety of types. for example, A351 CF8 304 water flow control needle valve and others. There are straight and factor valves. Please go ahead and contact us for further records and estimates of the types of numbers. for example, high-temperature needle valves and others.


Bar stock needle valve design with the explosion-proof lower back.

Stem-Ground and wound rope

Non-pivoting stem tip rigid seat with swivel stem tip steering and soft seat.

The cap pusher waste plug protects the stem threads from outside contamination. Press and fix spill

Tight for easy undertaking

The low-pressure work bar takes care of

Incredibly mobile organ

Bonnet Lock Pin adapted as preferred for 6000 PSIG and. for Excessive Component Lock Plate per required schematic.

Discretionary Features of Needle Valves

Pressure Element Temperature Chart: Maximum Urgency 6000 psi (413 bar) at 100 ° C

PTFE packing: urgent appearance maximum 4000 psi (275 bar) at 200 ° C

Urgent PTFE rated at best 200 ° C: Urgent trouble maximum 6000 psi (413 bar) at 100 ° C

Grafoil packing: Maximum urgency 3300 psi (230 bar) at 450 ° C

Building material

Body and Hood: ASTM A 216 GR WCB / ASTM A 351 GR CF8 / CF8M / CF3 / CF3M

Trim: ASTM A 351 GR CF8 / CF8M / CF3 / CF3M

Seat: PTFE

Closure: SS 304 / SS 316

Handle: SS 304 / SS 316 / Carbon Steel

Needle valve

Determination of needle valves

Size – 6NB to 25Nb

Stainless Steel Needle Valve, Stainless Steel Needle Valve Manufacture, Stainless Steel Needle Valve Manufacture in India, Stainless Steel Needle Valve Supplier, Stainless Steel Needle Valve Supplier in India

Stainless Steel Needle Valve Supplier

End Affiliation: NPT, BSPT, Socket Weld. Butt Weld, Tube Fitting with Straight Plain and Factorial

Working pressure: 3000, 6000, and ten thousand PSIG

Temperature classification: PTFE 232ºC / Grafoil 371ºC

Materials: SS 316, SS 304, CS, F11

Pressing: PTFE, Grafoil, Panel mount on request

All valves are one hundred percent manufacturing plant tested to ten thousand PSIG

Oil: diurnal molly sulfide


Type: Bolted Bonnet Needle Valve and Integral Bonnet

Rating: up to 6,000 psi @ up to 1200 ° F

Stem: needlepoint (standard), no guide (optional)

Pressing: Teflon ™ and Grafoil

Seat: Integral

Size: 1/8 “to 1”

Associations: Tube End

Body: Stoke Bar and Forged Steel

Material: SS, CS, and different materials on request

Stainless Steel Needle Valve Supplier in India

Essentially, needle valves are supposed to display the development. of combustible fluids or substances and monitor pressure. It tends to expand, shrink, or be eliminated. Attributable to the smaller seat region. needle valves are widely favored. concerning throttling, operation compared to ball valves. Aside from this, needle valves often provide fantastic protection. for delicate measurements. that can be defenseless against damage when delivering massive volumes of compressed items.

Highlights: stainless steel needle valve

High-pressure needle valve for high energy instruments

Suffering and robust way of stopping the bottom line with nice international standards.

Full body upgrade material: stainless steel

Oil and gas

Power plants






Needle valve – ANV two FF

These valves provide a sensitive and reliable preference for separation and throttling applications. The hat collectively has a slimmer design with a one-piece swivel stem. that has a V-tip for unique motion control.

In the assembly unit, the manufacture of the object is carried out so that it can be used. except for great effort, in excessive, simple, and excessive temperature applications. The object is created using a very desirable nice innovation. and existing devices and hardware. The improvement of the object is achieved. under the rigorous course of a team of specialized masters. and the high-quality handling crew is there, including to object good support.


Size: 1/8 to 1 in.

Working pressure: up to 6000 psi g (413 bar)

Temperature: – 20 to 650 ° F (- 28 to 343 ° C)

Type: Male Female Thread, Screwed, OD Tube, Socket Weld

Flow coefficient: up to 2.25

Indispensable Bonnet Needle Valves

SS Threaded Bonnet Needle Valves

Treated Steel Forged Body Needle Valves

Treated Steel High-Pressure Needle Valves

SS Non-Rotating Stem Needle Valve

PFA Treated Steel Needle Valve Supplier

Treated steel needle valve


SS Locked Bonnet Needle Valves

SS Bottom Packing Needle Valve

SS High-Pressure Needle Valves

Needle Valves (IPT Series)

SS needle valves

SS straight needle valve

SS valve

Treated Steel Needle Valves

Needle valves (also known as plunger valves) are used. to manipulate the development of water, clear gases, and extraordinary liquids. They can be produced using a variety of robust materials, including mild steel.

These come in handy for clients on business driving budgets and. by established business standards. These are devices that allow electrically worked hardware to be related. to the replacement alternating current (AC) electricity supply par excellence in a structure. The distinction of electrical accessories in voltage and drift classification, shape. size and type of connectors.



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