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Stainless Steel Lap Joint Flanges are used in various parts of India. Our company is a name that the brand name implies fast delivery, affordable prices. and superior quality of Lap Joint Flanges Supplier.

Apexia Metal are supplying splice Pipe Flange, ASME B16.47 splice Flange, 2 inch splice flange. Backing Flange at affordable price thanks to reasonable man hours in India. top quality splice Pipe Flanges at the best price available in Mumbai, India. Are you trying to find splice Flange With Stub End contact us for same? Check splice Flange Dimensions and splice Flange Weight Chart to shop. We carry a full line of stainless-steel splice flanges, which do not have a raised face. and also are use in conjunction with a splice stub end. stainless-steel splice flanges are use in less pressurized piping systems. Stainless steel splice flanges do not have a raised face.


The flange slips over the top of the pipe and bolted thereto with a splice stub end. Some advantages of the splice flange is simple application to the pipe system. and with the shortage of contact with internal fluids of the pipe. the flange has an extra extended life. There is a curved radius at the intersection of the bore and flange face of the splice flange. which allows splice flange to accommodate a stub end.

The stub end is welded to the pipe which it’s to be fitted. while the splice flange slip over the pipe and is liberal to rotate round the stub end. A pipe is welded to the Stub End. and so the splice pipe flange is liberal to rotate round the stub end. The advantage of this is often that there’ll not be any issues with bolt hole alignment. stainless steel lap joint flanges are often used for applications that need frequent dismantling.

stainless steel lap joint flanges

We provide solutions to customers can trust for any customization of steel products.

Manufacturer Stainless Steel Lap Joint Flanges in India

stainless steel lap joint flanges with a hub have published specifications that range from 1/2″ thru 24″. Sizes above 24″ are produced as lap joints to slide on dimensions. We provides splice pipe flanges altogether material grades, specifications and sizes. A lap-joint flange may be a two-segment assembly, with a stub end that features a lap-joint ring flange put over it. The stub end is then butt welded to the pipe. and thus the flange ring are often turned to align with the mating flange. this type of flange association is particularly valuable for difficult to-change flanges.

Stainless steel lapped joint flanges are often utilized in piping systems. which need frequent dismantling for inspection, cleaning or replacement. While bolting pressure to the gasket from the splice flange against the rear of the pipe lap. to supply a seal, the pressure holding capacity of splice flange is relatively lower. which is usually utilized in lower pressure requirements.

We contribute Flanges with different sizes, and specifications with the customer’s need. The difference between a typical Industrial splice Flanges. and other sorts of flanges is that the absence of a raised face. It consists of two components, a stub end, and a loose backing flange. the previous one is butt welded to the pipe, and so the latter one is left liberal to give way the pipe. steel is employed to form the backing flange so as to scale back the prices incurred. stainless steel lap joint flanges are some their kinds which we manufacture.

These stainless steel lap joint flanges have many industrial applications which include power generation, petrochemical plants. shipbuilding, oil refineries, paper mills, wastewater treatment plants, and pharmaceutical plants. We take the required measures to make sure safe transit. ap Joint Flanges is formed from excellent austenitic material. that has good corrosion-resistant properties with low carbon in its composition.

The applications include utility scrubber assemblies. our research facility to assist and gather the specified knowledge about the technologies. and keep it up increasing the standard of the merchandise with each new research. The reason behind for our products is that the top quality material used from the origin to the top. At each level of stage, technical systems are wont to ensure accuracy within the system. The products are designed with the help of integrated systems. in order that desirable properties are induced into the merchandise. Once, the merchandise is meant quick delivery of the merchandise is completed.


We are one of the leading manufacturers of optimum quality Pipes & Pipe Fittings. Their high tensile strength, seamless finish and resistance to corrosion, make these pipes highly demanded.

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